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At Jackdaw Marketing, we know that the most important metric is the return on investment. We leverage SEO to create meaningful results for business' of all shapes and sizes. What will it mean to yours?

What is SEO?

The term ‘SEO’ is an abbreviation for the technical service ’Search Engine Optimisation’. SEO is the process of increasing targeted traffic to a website by maximising the presence of the website in search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and bing. The primary goal of increasing traffic is to increase online sales in eCommerce SEO, and leads in serviced based and local SEO.

Local Search

SEO is possibly the most powerful marketing channel for a local business. 46% of Google searches are local and with the maps pack being served more than ever, your business cannot afford to miss the opportunity.

Ecommerce SEO

With paid search being so competitive in eCommerce, SEO can give you that edge to dominate your market. After working on numerous campaigns, we know what it takes to succeed in eCommerce SEO.

Stop Losing Customers to Your Competition

    Our SEO Company Uses a Proven Strategy

    1. Keyword Research

    Search Engine Optimisation is a long process that requires a significant investment. This is exactly why it is important you start your campaign in the right direction with carefully considered keyword research. The first step is to create a list of keywords by brainstorming and analysing what competitors are already ranking for. Once this list is made we then consider the following for each keyword: Search Volume (is there enough people searching for this keyword to give us a good return on investment on a longterm campaign?), Search Intent (is the traffic from this search term going to convert into sales/lead?) and Competition (is there a lot of competition for this keyword? - if so, is the search volume and intent worth the investment?)

    2. Technical Search Engine Optimisation

    Our experts use a combination of crawling software and manual examinations to create an in-depth audit of your websites' technical SEO. Our crawling software enables us to crawl the code of a website in the same way as a search engine would. This crawl will help us identify technical issues such as incorrect status codes, redirect chains and much more. There are many aspects to technical SEO that is dependent on the campaign strategy and as a result, requires the eye of an expert. These aspects include website silo structure, canonical tags, 301 redirects, and indexing.

    3. Page Level SEO

    By conducting a correlation analysis on top ranking pages for our target keyword, we are able to create a blueprint of how to optimise a page to rank in that search result. Using these data gathered during Correlation Analysis (analysing the top-ranking pages for a target keyword), We are able to optimise the permalinks, headings, metadata, body text etc. of a given page.

    4. Content Creation/ Brand Voice

    Engaging content has become an essential part of modern SEO. At Jackdaw we use cornerstone articles and invaluable tools to create what we term a "linkable asset". As the name suggests, we base our link building strategy around these assets which brings us to our next step. Outreach.

    5. Outreach

    Once we have created a "linkable asset" it is time to tell the world. As the purpose of these articles is to acquire links, we need to get this content in front of website owners in the target industry. If we have done a good job in the content creation stage then acquiring links should be simple. Get the asset in front of as many movers in the industry and convince them to share our content with their readers in the form of a backlink.

    Why Partner With Jackdaw?

    Although we now offer PPC and Website Design, Jackdaw started as and still is a specialist SEO company. At Jackdaw, SEO isn’t an add-on, it isn’t an up sell or an extra. Unlike many marketing agencies that we have come into contact with in the past, we understand the power of SEO and how to actually get results.
    We are so confident in our systems that we are the only agency to our knowledge in South Wales that offers a ranking guarantee.
    This confidence has come from years of building our expertise and years on the front line of SEO. We have ranked websites in the most competitive search results and in doing so, we have learned that the extra mile is where the magic happens.
    Today, we are partnered with a range of clients, from international eCommerce companies, to local serviced based businesses. Our systems have been proven to work time and time again, just ask our clients.

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